Monday, July 16, 2007

Stupid Summer Project: The Stock Tip

George: Guys with cats...I don't know.

Kramer: That's for me.
Jerry: Yeah, and you're just what she's looking for, too.

Comment: Let me try to list off all the things I LOVE about this episode:

--Jerry's bit about the confusion of getting a check after the meal, because you're not hungry anymore.

--Jerry and George discuss Superman's sense of humor.

--Elaine gets Jerry not to order tuna because of the dolphins (Jerry tries to argue he's a good person because he lets people in when he drives), then George orders tuna.

--Kramer's roll-out tie dispenser.

--A new way to televise opera and a robot butcher

--Kramer tries to get Jerry to let some anarchists he met at a rock concert stay at his place when he's out of town.

--Jerry saying "We could play 'Steal the old man's bundle!'" (You have no idea how much mileage I've gotten out of that line in the last decade)

--AND THE BEST: George makes $8,000 in the stock market, so he's smoking a cigar, trying to get Jerry and Elaine to order dessert. When the waitress comes with the check, he doesn't look at it: he gives her a bunch of cash and says "That oughta cover it." As she's walking away, he calls her back, looks at the bill, and takes a dollar back. It is that sort of little cheap moment that makes George Costanza such an inspiration for us all.

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