Monday, July 09, 2007

Stupid Summer Project: The Seinfeld Chronicles (Pilot) and Male Un-bonding

The Seinfeld Chronicles

George: Jerry, I have to tell you something. This is the dullest moment I've ever experienced.

Kramer: You got any meat?

Comment: The seeds are here: the analysis of the minutiae of life, including language and word choice, gestures and body language, clothing and laundry, cleaning and toiletry. But do you notice something weird? THE CHARACTERS ARE NICE! They seem to have feelings, they seem to support one another. It's a bit much.

Male Un-bonding

Kramer: They got a cure for cancer. See, it's all big business.

Kramer: It's all supervised!

Comment: Kramer develops his plans for a pizza place where you make your own pie (Kramer was golden in the early episodes, before Michael Richards turned him into a caricature. Then he was still funny, but not in the real, eccentric way. More in the contrived way. Jerry continues to actually care about peoples' feelings. George tries to change pennies into dollars and has to roll them himself (true story: because of this episode I thought you really did have to roll change yourself to get it turned into bills. When I wanted to change over a hundred dollars worth of change, I took the time to roll my own pennies. Of course, when I got to the bank they made me open them and pour them into a machine). The seeds are starting to sprout.

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