Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Stupid Summer Project: The Little Kicks

Kramer: 'Death Blow: When someone tries to blow you up not for who you are, but for different reasons altogether.'

Elaine: Oh really? Because it looks a little big for you. It looks like something a short, stocky slow-witted bald man might wear.

Comment: Another funny episode. In the first four episodes of season 8, we see a lot of misplaced stereotypical/archetypal scenes: Jerry and Kramer as a fighting married couple, Elaine as the protective parent, keeping her employee safe from George "the bad boy," Jerry as the temperamental director (when he's a bootlegger). There are a lot of these sort of scenes in Seinfeld: they aren't really parodies, as the comedy simply comes simply from their misplaced context.

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  1. I think you hit on it in the last post, it's a meta-style sitcom. They seem to be paroding their own formula at this point in the series.