Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Stupid Summer Project: The Comeback and The Money

The Comeback

George: Sometimes in life the gods smile upon you, my friends.
Jerry: Did you get someone to take that Canadian quarter?

George: So...details?
Jerry: Well I didn't sleep with her!
George: Because of society, right?
Jerry: Yes, George, because of society

Comment: This is the episode for all of us who later thought of what we should have said.

The Money

Jerry: Well, I can't stay under my own name. I was registered under "Slappy White."

Peterman: Kudos, Elaine, on a job...done.

Comment: A mediocre episode, but I really hate Jack Klompus. When Elaine pays for George's coffee, he thinks she's sticking it to him. The old George was so cheap he wouldn't have cared at all why Elaine was buying the coffee--he just would have taken it. This is the George of the red dot sweater, of the bereavement fair, of the toxic envelopes. This is the George that wanted to bring Ring Dings and Pepsi to a party instead of wine and cake. Would he care about Elaine sticking it to him? I think he would not.


  1. He does hate to be slighted. His flight to Indiana (was it?) to use the 'Jerk-store' line. Or when he drives with Danny Tartabull to tell off that guy that gave him the finger.

  2. That's true: I've always felt his thriftiness outweighed his pride, but as time went on (and he had a regular job), that changed.