Sunday, May 04, 2008

A pacifist watches Dexter

In Dexter, Dexter Morgan is a serial killer that only murders other killers. At the end of season one, Dexter muses on how horrified those around him would be if they knew the truth. But then he reconsiders--they might actually approve of what he does. He uses violence to stop bad guys--he keeps other people safe. He fantasizes about people cheering for him, cheering for his violent deeds. They cheer him, tell him they love him. As he walks, they surround him as if for a parade, a hero's welcome. Surrounding it all is red, white, and blue confetti.


  1. I think an entry titled "A pacifist plays GTA IV" would be pretty amusing.

    I keep forgetting to watch Dexter, I'll have to catch up on Netflix this summer.

  2. Anonymous9:08 AM

    This is the best show on TV now. If the writing continues to be top notch it will be ranked among the greats.

    How Michael C. Hall will get an Emmy for this role. He plays Dexter Morgan perfectly.