Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stupid Summer Project: The Apartment

Kramer: Jerry, you don't have five thousand dollars you can lend her?

Kramer: Well, then what did you loan her the five thousand dollars for?

Comment: George Costanza is cursed. Hated by God, the universe will always conspire to ruin him. Not a tragic ruin--that would at least allow him his dignity. No, for him it is a comic ruin, a cursed clown, plaything of the cosmos (as flies to wanton boys, so is George to the gods). OF COURSE when he wears a wedding ring to a party as "a sociological experiment" several desirable women find him attractive but must turn from him, because it is too bad he's married. Of course. Once again, I take Costanza's comic disaster personally--his indignity is my indignity, his comic suffering is mine. George Costanza is spun together out of Charlie Brown and Biff Loman. He is the apotheosis of the gifted liar (his wife is an entomologist?), yet doomed to ineffectual failure. He is you. He is me.

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