Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Stupid Summer Project: The Wizard

Morty: Pinko Commie Rag!

Elaine: Who are they running against?
Jerry: Common sense and a guy in a wheelchair.

Comment: On Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David often explores the anxiety of white people fearful of being perceived as racist. On this episode of Seinfeld (from after David left), such an issue is being explored, too. Several times when discussing whether or not Elaine's new boyfriend is black, the characters get nervous and suggest they're not supposed to be talking about it. At one point a black waitress comes to their table, and Jerry, Elaine, and even George quickly reach into their pockets to leave a really big tip.

George has a stellar plot line in this episode: he lies to the Rosses about owning a place in the Hamptons, they find out it is a lie, they let him continue to lie about it, he finds out they know he's lying, and he's angry that they are letting him continue to lie. His massive game of chicken with the Rosses (his imaginary horses are named "Snoopy and Prickly Pete"!) is just a wonderful plot line for the inveterate liar George Costanza. George has some other great moments during this episode (telling Mrs. Ross he's "Susan's...friend," talking to the hot dog vendor). A really fun time.

Here are some of the smaller headlines of the newspapers: "Larry David gets a Hole in One!," "Larry David hurts elbow," and "Larry David never to play golf again."

By the way, this seems like a fair place to mention that I enjoyed Bee Movie and I don't think Jerry Seinfeld or Larry David will ever disappoint me.

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