Thursday, February 28, 2008

Torrential Downpour: just some links

Svend White at Religion Dispatches writes about "Martin Luther & the Mass Media."

The Reading Experience writes about poetry moving online, suggesting we'll be just fine without the "gatekeepers."

In the Middle suggests a moratorium on setting MacBeth in "in a militarized Europe c. 1925-1955."

Very few people read this blog that don't read my other blogs, but for those very few, I don't want you to miss out on Garfield minus Garfield, possibly the greatest bit of post-modern comedy ever (via Bookslut). So far, my favorite is this one.

Smurov at The Valve praises Chinua Achebe while criticizing "faint praise."

I'm a vegetarian having a love affair with cheese, but I think about going vegan again. Martha Rosenberg writes about dairy cows, giving me a push a little closer back to that total step.

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