Sunday, May 06, 2007

From defunct to re-funked

I'm back, baby!

I'm resurrecting Costanza's Book Club. I started this blog as a chance to share ideas about ideas, and I feel that I failed. In v. 2.0 of the Club, I intend this to be much more accessible. Yes, I'm going to talk about books and literary theory, but more often I'm going to try apply literary theory to cultural productions like television shows. It will be a place to discuss ideas, but it will be a place to discuss ideas within the context of popular culture.

Right now, I'm the only contributor: I'll be setting the agenda of discourse. But if you'd like to join the Club, just prove your chops in the comments. I would like more contributors: I want this to be a place where others can share ideas on whatever cultural productions we wish.

I've got high hopes for this reborn blog. Please read, please comment, and perhaps, please join.


  1. nice visual layout. Does this comment qualify me?

  2. This layout makes it more accessible already.

    I'm looking forward to v2.0.