Wednesday, May 23, 2007


As many of you know, I have often (especially in the last year, but stretching further than that) wrestled with the question of the proper moral treatment of animals. Since early October, I've been vegetarian--then I was a vegan from Dec. 27 until May 17--and now I'm a vegetarian again.

But now I have the internet at home, and many of the fundamental writings on animal rights--including some of the works of Peter Singer and Tom Regan--are out there. So I'm--mostly--going to refrain from comment or argument on these issues for now. I will instead devote my time to reading some of these foundational philosophical works. This, I feel, is a better use of my time: it's a chance to read, to grow, to develop, to think, to learn. It's a positive use of my online time--better, anyway, than discussing animal rights issues in forums like sports blogs and sites (where lately I've too often found myself in these discussions, but always for topical subjects, at least).

It's a good decision, I hope.

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