Thursday, October 05, 2006

What is a "writer"?

Or rather, what separates a writer from a non-writer?

Is it a matter of "being," some difference in essence? If so, publishing isn't a factor. If there is an essential, inherent difference that makes one a writer, then publishing is superfluous.

Is it a matter of "doing," a matter of practice and work? Again, if so, publishing is superfluous. A grad student does a lot of writing, with a lot of pressure (and for me, it was with the obsessive revising and attention to detail that I would expect from a published writer).

What separates a writer from a non-writer?


  1. all i know is that for real writers publishing is superfluous but a writer is usually of such a nature that being read is important... many artists wish for a wide audience. i don't understand this. kafka didn't want it; proust did.

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