Monday, October 16, 2006

Comments and Links

The MLA rejects Auteur theory.
Using the Modern Language Association rules for a works cited page, citations for written material identify the author first, then the title. Citations for visual material such as film and television programs identify the title first, then people involved in the creation of the work.

Changing Scope
I’m continuing to add links to sites that are literary, academic, or philosophical in nature. I’m also adding links to some science magazines (it’s important—people devoted to ideas can’t go on ignorant of scientific discoveries and their meaning) and some liberal political sites (not because I want political discussion at this site, but because I increasingly use my blogs as a launching point to see everything I care about on the internet, and so I don’t check very much that I don’t link to).

The King’s Bed

You may know of my complete contempt for all royalty and nobility (but lest we live in a world without contradictions, The Three Musketeers is one of my favorite books).

Freedom and belief
Theo Hobson

THE NUTTY PROFESSORS: The history of academic charisma.

How Gandhi Got His Mojo Back
by Swati Gauri Sharma

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  1. my students reject MLA so I guess they're Godardists?