Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Stupid Summer Project: The Bookstore

Bookstore Employee: Did you take that book with you into the bathroom?
George: What do you want to hear?

George: May I ask, what do you read in the bathroom?
Jerry: I don't read in the bathroom.
George: Well aren't you something.

Comment: Some hammy lines in this episode. The opening is classic, as Kramer hangs out in Jerry's apartment while he's out. Kramer also has a nice zany scheme involving rickshaws and homeless people. For most of the past decade, I sympathized with George: why are they making him buy the book just because he took it into the bathroom? Just tonight, I realized that it's a good policy for bookstore's to forbid customers from taking books into the bathroom.

Uncle Leo is a great character: annoying, but in a mostly realistic way. He's not a favorite character of mine--he's in some episodes when he's not anything special. But sometimes, he's really funny, and his interactions with Jerry are very funny. I find his insistence on saying Hello to be pretty amusing. Jerry's prison dream, in which Leo has "Jerry Hello" tattooed on his fingers of course amuses me (amuses me enough to write "Jerry Hello" in pen on my fingers? Even right now, as an adult? Well, yes).

For the record, I read in the bathroom.

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