Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Being Vegan

Frankly, I wish I had never had a moral thought in my life. Oh, what pleasures I could experience.

But once I reached the conclusion that I shouldn't eat animals, it seemed there was little choice but to go a step further. For me, the line between imprisoning, mutilating, and torturing a chicken for its wings and imprisoning, mutilating, and torturing a chicken for its eggs is a very thin line. However, I encourage others never to become vegan. Why? Because I like my sense of moral superiority. Never underestimate the value of a sense of moral superiority--it can get you through a lot of tough times.

But the difference in difficulty between being a vegetarian or a meat-eater and between being a vegan or a vegetarian is quite great. I can't even have cheese, which is torquing me off like nothing else (I could have soy cheese--unfortunately, in this area all the soy cheese I've found contains milk casein, making it a waste for a vegan. There is vegan-friendly rice and soy cheese--I just can't find it around here. But the quest never ends. It's not meat that makes me wish I weren't vegan--it is definitely cheese. Oh, for a slice of pizza! You just never realize how intrical cheese is to a good meal). As a vegetarian, you know what options are available to you; as a vegan, you always have to look closer and rarely can assume. At any restaurant, there will be options (or easy alterations) for a vegetarian; for a vegan, those options are much more limited.

No regrets--this is the life I've chosen. And I'm losing weight (which should go a lot better in two weeks when my load drops down and I can get exercising again). I feel good about my lifestyle choice and believe I can continue to maintain it (I'm almost at two months here--if I can just find some acceptable soy cheese, I'll fall over with joy).

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