Monday, May 08, 2006

Monday's Links

"Keeping the Faith at Arm's Length" by Alan Wolfe

"How to Build a Viking. A Very, Very Big Viking."

Some descriptions of St. Magnus, a pacifist viking: here, here, and here. Evidently, in the Orkneyinga saga, Magnus was taken on a raid but refused to fight, instead staying on the boat and singing psalms.

The Guthrie's last show

On a related note, I am attempting to take my Christian Pacifism further. I am attempting to avoid conflict in my personal life. I wish to be forgiving, to set aside personal animosities, to avoid anger. I'm nowhere near achieving this goal. However, when it comes to debate of any sort, I intend to be as combative as ever.

(I keep adding more links, so this post could get edited several times this morning).

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